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Inside the music with Mikey Pedroza, Kamile Pundziute and Judit Neddermann

For dance we have to follow tempos but we especially need to hear the music. Beyond mathematics we should enjoy every note. This class will teach you to understand what the music is telling us, how to interpret it and finally apply it in our dancing. Teachers Mikey Pedroza and the international Kamile Pundziute will show us the way and the music with the live music of Doc Scantlon and Judit Neddermann, one of the outstanding voices of the jazz scene today.


Partner comunication and connection with Laia Puig and Gustav Jakobsson

What magic when leader and follower get connected! In this class we will work on all those elements that will help us to enjoy the dancing withnthe parner and the music. To achieve this we have a couple who for years have found this connection, Laia Puig and Gustav Jakobsson. They will tell us their secrets and small subtleties that will improve the connection. Speakeasies will be responsible for putting live music. The menage a trois swing dreamed by everyone.


Express your feelings with Simon Bressanelli, Irene Ragusini and Mireia Font

Each song is different and each person lives it in their own way. When we dance, the expression is fundamental and we must not leave it out. This class will teach you connect with what you feel in every moment and how to express these emotions. Simon and Irene Bressanelli Ragusini give us the tools to express ourselves in the best way. In addition, with the help of Mireia font,  a contemporary dancer that will help us emotionally and moving all our emotions. The idea is clear: expressed expressed and expressed!



Important: Festival’s official language will be English.



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