Where does the Feel & Swing takes place?

Prullans de la Cerdanya

Is a municipality located in the lower Cerdanya lovely surroundings. Among its main attractions there are splendid views of the Cerdanya Valley and the Sierra del Cadi, as well as the Romanesque church of St. Stephen, built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The municipality also has the Cave of Anes, two dolmens, Tower Barons Prullans or farmhouses and some Visigoth remains.

A quiet town, full of history where we will find the essence of rural Cerdanya, enjoying the views, nature and gastronomy.


“Feel & Swing” will be held on 25th, 26th and 27th November at the hotel  Cerdanya Resort & Spa in the town of Prullans, Cerdanya.


The housing provided in does the full pass and the party pass is in the apartments of Ca l’Auren located opposite the hotel where all the activities will take place.

You can sleep in the hotel with a supplement of 20 euros per person. When you formalizes your registration you can choose this option.