Three levels of courses to suit you


Level hoppers focused on carrying less than a year and a half dancing.

If you can achieve the steps you have learned in your school, but you feel that you don’t leave everything neat, this is your level!

Partner comunication and connection: We will work on the smoothness of your connection and we will give you the energy to dance much more enjoyably. We will do very different but simple steps that you can apply to your Lindy Hop.

Inside in the music: Brief reviews of the structure of swing and help you get to go and dance to the music.

Express your feelings: We will teach you to express yourself with music and with what you feel in a simple but striking way.


Level hopper focused on carrying between a year and a half and three years dancing

If you often go to jams, you feel comfortable participating in  various J & J and have no trouble linking different steps with some difficulty, this is your level!

Partner comunication and connection: look for hotspots that need intensity up and down, always looking for a reason and a purpose.

Inside the music: to detect the different nuances of the music and find out what it is telling us to transmit while telling us dance music.

Express your feelings: Understanding your body and becoming aware of what we feel to convey it.


This is a standard hopper focused on carrying over 3 years dancing.

If you have attended international workshops, know the different moves in your city and you have capacity to learn new steps, this is your level!

Partner comunication and connection: Connect the couple from a point of view much deeper, looking less is more, but always in a clear and subtle way.

Inside the music: learn to play with different shades and colors that can give us the same song.

Express your feelings: seek perfection of the movement, giving it a new shape and quality.


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