Doc Scanlon’s Cool Cat Combo


It is one of the most active bands and everyone has surely heard their music. A swing band from Barcelona but with members from around the world will offer a repertoire of Hot Jazz and swing rhythms flights from New Orleans to leave us with open mouths. The main adjetive for this band are clear…. energetic, boundless energy that refocuses great jazz classics such that it is impossible to lift a foot. In his repertoire there are standards of Gershwin, Berlin, Porter, as well as major matter of Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman or Fats Waller. Brutal!

We wont stop to dance with this group!

Doc – Vocals, Bass // Juli – Clarinet, Saxophone, vocals // Mikha – Guitar & Banjo, Vocal // Marti – Drums

My Sessions

Home Gala Dinner and party

Home Gala Dinner and Gala party with Jack & Jill, teachers and show a great battle of bands. Don’t miss anything! You’ll find all the activities in the Feel & Swing’s agenda! Or, if you have it clear… Buy your ticket now and live lindy hop with all the senses!