What is Feel & Swing?

“Feel & Swing” high festival

From the 25th to 27th November, live lindy hop with all the senses!

“Feel & Swing” is a different kind of swing festival, with which you will get a feeling with music, Lindy Hop dance and the environment that have never lived like this before. In the setting of Prullans in Cerdanya we will offer you a weekend full of surprises, swing, emotions, food and nature … Suitable for all levels and ages, the only requirement is to bring the swing running through your veins.

With over 80 years of history, it’s well demonstrated that swing is one of the more exciting and social dances there is. Leaders and followers are combined to follow some tempos that fill the body with jazz and black music. At “Feel & Swing” we bring the benefits of this dance out into the open and we also convert them into real life experiences and sensory by frontline professionals.

We will travel back in time to the ’30s, enjoy live music with international swing bands, improve our technique and expressiveness with workshops led by the best teachers, we will dance for hours and also we will share our passion with hoppers from all over.

“Feel & Swing” is not the typical Swing Festival, come and check it out!

A festival for family living!

Throughout the weekend there will be activities designed for those who are not dancers and children. If you’re a hopper and the rest of your family or friends are not, don’t worry! Some monitors offer activities for children, as well as to enjoy chikipark right there and a room equipped with games of all kinds.

Besides babysitting hours in the workshop, all attendees can make excursions to the mountains of Cadi, spa, horse rides for Cerdanya and many more activities.

Coming with your children is not therefore a problem. You only need to pay the extra bed or alimony, with a special price for a half or full board which includes a gala dinner and barbecue on Sunday.


Important: Festival’s official language will be English.