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Laia and Gustav

Many times what we are looking for as dancers is to show out us and and make great moves and exhibitions . In this taster , however, we will seek the opposite. We will try to find the simplicity of small movements to feel the subtlety of what we only perceive as a partner and to experience our dance only enjoying connecting with your partner and the music. Enjoy this new form of dance. Less is more!

The Lindy Hop Balboa:
Simon and Irene

Are you used to having very little space in your usual jams ? Would you like to learn new steps and connections to enjoy in smaller spaces ?

This taster will teach you some moves , connections and steps that can be applied in very small spaces, always of Lindy Hop ! In addition, we will give you the tools to do the steps that you already know in smaller places. With no space you can still dance!

The Lindy Hop Blues:
Mikey and Kamile

Often the music suggests a game between Slow Drag and Lindy Hop. We propose this taster to connect with the spirit of the blues. We give you the necessary tools to carry out the blues figures and movements in slow songs that play with different hues typical of this style. Complement your Lindy Hop with simple but colorful figures. They are the ideal supplements for when the music suggests something specific and we want to express these moments through dance.


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